Home Cooking- Vegan Yong Tau Foo

After I found the easiest soup recipe on Buddha Gate Monastery website , I was wondering what dish would go well with it and I chanced upon stuffed tofu on the same page! I decided that I will try making Hakka vegan yong tau foo. I searched high and low online but there were hardly any recipes for vegetarian or vegan yong tau foo so I adjusted what was found in this recipe and added my own touch.

The whole process was quite time consuming but very therapeutic! I especially loved the part where I had to dig mini holes in the tau kwa:)


Ingredients: (Based on my gut feelings)

Vegetarian Ham chopped

8 Water Chestnut chopped

Half a carrot chopped

7 Shiitake Mushrooms chopped

Silken tofu (from the scooped tau kwa)

5 Tau Pok Pockets sliced halved

5 Okra/lady Fingers sliced halved

A handful of Walnuts chopped (I had some in the fridge so I added them in)

Minced Ginger

1 and half teaspoons of salt

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 tablespoon of oyster mushroom sauce

1 teaspoon of corn starch

2 tablespoons of sesame oil


Cut tofu in half and in fours. Lay them flat and remember to pat them dry. Scoop out the middle. Sprinkle salt and cornstarch (I did not do this step)


Slice the Tau Pok pockets, Okra and remove stems of shiitake mushroom, ready for filling.



Mince the vegetarian ham, water chestnut, carrots, shiitake mushrooms and walnuts.  Saute the minced mushrooms with minced ginger first. Blend the ingredients together with salt, sugar, mushroom oyster sauce, corn flour, sesame oil and the scooped tofu.



Stuff the tofu with the minced filling. Dust with corn starch again after filling. Steam for 15 minutes then pan fry until golden brown on both sides. Create a thin sauce with corn starch and water. (I used glazed barbecue eggplant sauce instead for a smokey flavour). Pour over yong tau foo and serve.


It was better than I expected as the paste I created went well with the tofu, tau pok pockets and okra! The eggplant sauce added an interesting dimension to this dish and we finished everything with a smile! Hubby Ro loved the tofu very much and he said it reminded him of hummus but chinese style version! I am definitely going to try remaking this dish for my grandma as it does not involve garlic or onions and will substitute the sauce with something suited for her.

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