Vegetarian Gravy Bee Hoon- Ji Xiang Vegetarian Stall at Clementi Central


My favourite chinese comfort food is vegetarian fried mee hoon. Before my grandma turned vegetarian, this was the first vegetarian dish I tasted. These days, most economic bee hoon comes dry or really fried unlike the good old days when they were not fried with soya sauce and usually showered with lots of gravy.


Early this morning, I was at Clementi Central and chanced upon Ji Xiang Vegetarian stall run by an elderly couple. I often passed by the stall but they are always closed. Turns out, they are closed every Monday and opens till 1pm or until their bee hoon sells out.

At $2, I spotted a good flow of customers ordering this plate of bee hoon. I decided to add more vegetables for an extra $1 and sadly my portion was super tiny. It was so light I had to get a hot soya bean drink. The ingredients used were fresh and overall very satisfying but it did not beat the bee hoon we tried at Taman Jurong Food Market a few weeks back.

Clementi Central Market & Food Centre

Block 448 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-44

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 6am-1pm, Closed on Mondays

It is just a few minutes walk from the MRT station.

2 thoughts on “Vegetarian Gravy Bee Hoon- Ji Xiang Vegetarian Stall at Clementi Central

  1. Not true! no doubt the vege bee hoon taste good, their prices are in a mess. I stop patronising them after many bad experiance

    • Aha..We agree with you Paul. We stopped visiting them now too as they are giving lesser portions and always changing their prices:(

      Roland & Priscilla

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