Fluffy Vegan Pancakes- TJ Vegan Fusion Party Food at Taman Jurong Food Centre (CLOSED)

I popped over Timothy’s place yesterday afternoon and requested for his special pancakes after seeing his post on facebook. At just $1 per pancake, they came out golden brown with a bottle of maple syrup after 10 minutes of wait .


I am so thrilled to hear his business growing from strength to strength and he just had a massive order the day before! The pancakes are his new creations and I think Timothy should consider serving more vegan breakfast/brunch options! There are limitless ways to eat pancakes and his version was really fluffy and soft. I say it was definitely better than Mcdonalds pancakes or all the pancakes I have tried making myself. Usually mine ends up being too doughy or dry but his was surprisingly springy and chewy.


The only thing I felt he could do was to keep the pancakes warm and slightly hot before serving. It would be perfect with some sauteed mushrooms, scrambled tofu or even plain with chocolate sauce and bananas too.

TJ Vegan Fusion Party Food

#03-130 Yung Sheng Road Singapore 618499

Open daily from 11am-5pm

Closed every Mondays

Call  94481219 to  make your pancakes order in advance!

3 thoughts on “Fluffy Vegan Pancakes- TJ Vegan Fusion Party Food at Taman Jurong Food Centre (CLOSED)

  1. Oops, I didn’t realize you wanted them warm. But the plate further from you were the more recently prepared ones, but I also didn’t feel them to be warm because I cooled them completely instead of stacking them to retain the heat. I thought the warm afternoon weather wasn’t suitable to eat warm/hot pancakes lol I have eaten too many cold peanut pancakes, cold Japanese red bean dorayakis, and forgot about the warm ones. 🙂

    On the heat retention of the pancakes, because the pancakes are low in fat, they do not retain heat very well. The ones from McDonald’s are high in fat that is why they can remain hot for long. Those also contain shortening that makes them very fluffy but unhealthy. I have tried using shortening in pancakes to achieve the same super fluffy results but I usually feel some bodily discomforts such as chest pains after eating things with shortening.

    I tried eating them with mushrooms and vegan cheese sauce today but they don’t go very well together. They go better with Japanese curry. I am thinking of making my own cold chocolate sauce to go with it.

  2. Hey Timothy,

    We have changed your shop opening hours and please do not be so harsh on yourself! You are doing great and we love your passionate attitude! Do not give up and buzz us again if you have any new updates or new food creations!

    Roland & Priscilla

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