Mongolian Dumplings Soup- Veggie Cottage at Little India


As we were heading to Marina Bay for some work this evening, I asked Ro if he wanted to try Veggie Cottage and he was game for it. We headed there around 7pm and sadly the fish and chips had sold out:( I spotted some new dishes and decided to order Mongolian dumpling soup $4 for 6 pieces. Each piece was a spoonful size and was really delicious. The fillings were crunchy and went well with the special sauce Marine created! We also heard that these dumplings were handmade by a Mongolian lady (friend of Marine) and had the best texture and thickness. Not only were we impressed by the dumplings, the soup was not too salty and light. It was thirst quenching good and we were pretty sure no MSG were used.

Hubby Ro had the burger with fries and enjoyed it so much we got an extra basket of fries at $2.50. He thought that the fries are what fries should be as they were chunky and crispy on the outside but potato-ey inside. Eaten when it is hot, it tasted way better than those at VeganBurg. We wished the portion came bigger though!


image_3 image_4

I came hoping to try the spaghetti bolognese $6.50 Luke was raving about but it was not in today’s menu. Just as I was thinking of ordering another item, lady boss Marine came out of the kitchen and heard my request. She made my day when she decided to specially cook this dish for me and she actually remembered my name! WOW:)

We love places that serves food with a heart and the folks at Veggie Cottage are super sweet and full of smiles. Hubby Ro thought this cafe was prefect for friends to hang out and for dinner dates too!

Address: 13 Dalhousie Lane Little India Conservation Area Singapore 209682

Telephone: 67856771

Visit their facebook page for daily menu.

They are closed every Thursday

Open daily from 11am-8pm, Sunday they are closed at 4pm

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