Char Siew Wanton Noodles- Pine Tree Vegetarian Cafe at Fortune Centre


Earlier this evening, we had dinner at Pine Tree Cafe at Fortune Centre and ordered a couple of dishes to share. We had a selection of 6 pieces of yong tau foo ($4) with soup. The soup was light and quite mild. It was not as good as the one we had at Vegetarian Villas but the seaweed added an extra kick to our soup. It was not too oily and had a good portion for two to share.



Next I ordered fried tom yam bee hoon $4  and they gave me this bowl of soupy tom yam noodles. I double checked if my order was right and this is how they do their tom yam noodles. It was really spicy and after a few mouthfuls, I regretted getting this dish. It had a small portion of okra and potatoes with mushrooms. The soup was as thick as gravy and had a really strong tom yam flavour which was pleasant but it was too hot for me to appreciate and enjoy.


Hubby Ro ordered char siew wanton mee $3.50 and he was really impressed by the springy noodles and the char siew tasted just like the real stuff. He liked it so much we ordered another plate of noodles but changed char siew to soy chicken chop instead.


The soy chicken chop $3.50 was coated with breadcrumbs and at first bite it was tasty. But after a few mouthfuls, the taste was quite forgettable but we simply love the noodles. We will definitely return to get their char siew wanton noodles again!


After dinner, we met up with some friends who were heading to standing sushi bar and we shared a small cup of black sesame ice cream with red beans (It was not vegan though).

190 Middle Road

#02-09/13 Fortune Centre

Tel: +65 9815 4940

Closed on Sundays. Open Daily from 10am-8pm

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