Home Baking- “Tuna” Tempeh Salad Mix


We finally found tempeh and we pan fried them yesterday and added them in our soup and today I wanted to try something different with tempeh. Using the yummy cashew creamy mayonnaise and a few other simple ingredients, this salad mix was brilliant and had a “tuna” like texture and it tasted really creamy and surprisingly light. The benefits of tempeh are endless and we did some research and here are the top 10 reasons to add tempeh in our diet.

1. Tempeh is high in protein and fiber

2. Tempeh is low in fat and has no cholesterol

3. It is a fair source of calcium and a good source of B-vitamins

4. It is a whole food and all its fiber is totally digestible, delivering all nutrients

5. Tempeh is considered the “meatiest” of soy foods and the most versatile for cooking. it can be fried, baked or barbecued

6. It keeps its shape well and easily takes on flavours of marinades or companion ingredients.

7. Protein in Tempeh is excellent for diabetic patients, who tend to have problems with animal sources of protein. It prevent high bloog sugar levels and keep blood sugar level under control.

8. Tempeh has also recently been as treatment for menopausal symptoms. Studies have show that women who consume soy foods report a significant reduction in the amount of hot flashes and reduce bone loss that typically occurs after menopause.

9. It also promotes men’s health as a recent epidemiological studies, genistein, a naturally occurring isoflavone found chiefly in soy foods has been consistently linked to lower incidence of prostate cancer.

10. Tempeh helps in preventing heart diseases. It reduces the cholesterol level and hence, lower the risk of heart attack or stroke.

There are a few points of caution too and some cooking tips found here. Using the recipe by For the Love of Food blog, I made this salad mix in a short frame of time and refrigerated it before dinner time.

Tempeh of the Sea
Serves 4 (Works just nicely for 3)

1 -8 oz package plain tempeh, crumbled (I used 2 small packets of tempeh, costing $1.80 at Cold storage)
1/4 medium red onion, diced
2 green onions, diced
3 celery ribs, diced (I used leftover lettuce)
3 Tablespoons sweet relish (I did not add this)
1 cup cashew mayo (or vegan mayo of your choice)
1 tablespoon spicy brown mustard (I used yellow mustard instead)
sea salt and pepper to taste


Crumble tempeh and mix with the red onion, green onion, celery, relish, mayo and brown mustard.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Serve cold or grilled.



We made home made baked tortilla shells and stuffed the salad mix in them. It was a perfect combination of crunchy creamy goodness and we finished everything with a smile:). I made some enoki lettuce miso soup too!

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