Hurray for Hurraw Vegan Lip Balm- The Naturally Better Company at Millennia Walk


To all the beautiful vegan and animal lover ladies out there, here is a post for you! Having tried our hands in cooking and trying new vegan food places for a few months, it was time we started including vegan friendly products into our lifestyle. What better way to look good, feel good and know that the products you use are free of chemicals and animal testing too! I did a research online and found this useful link via Animal Concerns Research And Education Facility for places in Singapore selling no animal testing, vegan cosmetics and household products.

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The first stop I visited was The Naturally Better Company founded by Sharon and her sister Joyce. They started this shop because Sharon’s sister had a skin allergy and they searched high and low for good quality chemical free products which were non existent in Singapore. They were alarmed to learn that many products in the market contained loads of harmful ingredients, even products that were labelled ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. They then began to start sourcing for products from ethical companies that manufacture safer and sustainable products without the use of harmful toxic chemicals. Sharon also told me “…if it’s not safe enough for our own use and compromises performance, we will not recommend it!”


The first product that caught my eyes were the bright coloured lip balms by Hurraw! They are so adorably mini, compact and had so many flavours to choose from. I was spoilt for choices and had to smell each of them. Some had strange flavours like chocolate but my all time favourite which I bought was Early Grey Lip Balm. It smelt just like a gorgeous pot of tea and I can imagine the joy applying tea on my lips all day! At $9.10 each, it was not the cheapest lip balm in town but the effort and the biggest draw was that most lip balms sold in the market contains beeswax.

Here are some of the unique qualities that set Hurraw! Balm apart from the pack:

  • Vegan and Raw – No animal products are included in Hurraw! Balm. The balms contain organic, raw, cold pressed and centrifuged extracted, nut/seed oils and butters.
  • Organic Ingredients – Made with certified organic ingredients.
  • Infused – Hurraw! Balm is made in small, fresh, handcrafted batches. This allows the balms to be infused with raw seeds, pods, fruit zests, barks and roots for flavour and natural colour!
  • Oval Tube – Hurraw! Balm comes in an oval tube for one main reason: so it doesn’t escape from the back jeans pocket like round tubes do.

Lip balm flavours include Green Tea, Mint, Lime, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit (Tinted), Black Cherry (Tinted), Vanilla Bean, Coffee Bean, Chocolate, Root Beer, Sun SPF 15, Moon Night Treatment and more… My favourite flavours were Earl Grey (of course!), lime, coconut mint lemongrass and the rich night treatment balm made out of argan oil!


Here is a close up of the tinted cinnamon lip balm by a gorgeous blogger Julia! I bought the black cherry tinted lip balm $9.10 each for my mum in law and she loved it! Wrapped up in a sweet wrapper, this would be a perfect present for any fashionable lady in town.


Millenia Walk #02-46

9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore

t: (65) 6471 7220


Open daily: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Friday & Saturday: 12:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Choose NaturallyBetter™ products … healthier + non-toxic + sustainable!

. Certified Organic Facials and Non-Toxic Nail Treatments . By Appointment Only .


A select range of products are also available in stores island-wide…

Call (65) 6471 7220 for store locations in Singapore.

7 thoughts on “Hurray for Hurraw Vegan Lip Balm- The Naturally Better Company at Millennia Walk

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    • Hi Shelly,

      Thank you for dropping by our blog and for suggesting Buddha Balm!
      We will definitely check them out once we have used up our Hurraw:)
      Is it more moisturizing than Hurraw? Are there better ingredients used in them?
      Let us know.

      Roland & Priscilla

  3. Picking the best sensitive skin care products! Take these best sensitive skin care products and alter your life style. That makes you good-looking. That product is animal cruelty free. This is also pure natural products and that built your fairness.

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