Donation Bee Hoon- Buddha Tooth Relic Temple at South Bridge Road


I was in Chinatown this afternoon and decided to check out the basement vegetarian cafe my aunt was telling me about. Situated below the grand Buddha Tooth Relic Temple on basement one, there are steps on both sides of the temple leading to this pretty big cafe/canteen.

image_1 image_2

I spotted this signage and saw many people heading down. With anticipation, I was hoping to try their wanton mee which my aunt commented was very good. They were serving Laksa today and I was not really in the mood of it.


Before ordering, I spotted many filling up their names in the booklet above. I am guessing you write your own particulars as it was situated right above the donation box. The staff told me that every order is $3 (For economical rice, the price is for 3 toppings). If I do want to add more toppings, I will have to donate more.

image_5 image_4

There were about 9 different varieties of vegetables and they serve brown and white rice. I opted for bee hoon with 3 toppings.


It came with a complimentary soup which was not too bad but tasted quite bland. The noodles were too dry for me and the best dish was green beans with pickles. The others were quite bland. Maybe I should have ordered the laksa instead. I ordered 2 packets of brown rice with the vegetables for my dad and his business partner and they both thought it was ok but not mind-blowing good. That said, I might come by another day to try other daily offerings.

Address: 288 S Bridge Rd, Singapore 058840
Phone:+65 6220 0220
Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am- 3pm

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