Cheapest Salad Bowl in CBD- B Salad Kitchen at Amoy Food Centre


For tea time snack, I bought a bowl of “make your own salad” at B Salad Kitchen at Amoy Food Centre and shared it with my dad. Costing $4.50 (I remembered it was cheaper when it first started), there is now more than 1 salad stall in this busy CBD food centre. Choosing 5 ingredients always make me nervous as I would love to eat all the greens! (Ha..just joking!) In a big unfriendly plastic bowl of fresh lettuce, I settled for roasted pumpkin (I highly recommend this as it was naturally sweet and evenly roasted), tempeh (very yummy!), corn, mushrooms and edamame. I wished I could have added in some sunflower seeds too and one of my favourite ingredients the sundried tomatoes was missing in the selection window,


I had it sprinkled over black olive creamy dressing as the owner told me it was free of eggs and milk. Strangely, I thought it tasted too creamy to be vegan friendly though. My dad had quite a share and he loved the pumpkin as well.

B Salad Kitchen
7 Maxwell Road
Amoy Street Food Centre
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday – 10AM to 8PM, Friday- 10AM-7PM

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