Vegan Popcorn Lip Scrub that can be be eaten- LUSH Cosmetics at Wisma Atria


Many friends started asking us where LUSH was and wanting to try their products after the last few posts. We hope more people will start getting animal-free testing products. This is one of the worst industry as they use rabbits, mouse, rats, cats, dogs, monkeys (you name it they have tried it on so many of them). Imagine your own pet going through the torture when their bodies are shaped so differently from ours:(

Anyway on a brighter note, I found a really lightweight and easy product that has a 2 in 1 function! The BUBBLY lipsticks $30 (50% off now at $15) works as a natural lip balm and as a blusher after some smudging. Look at how natural the blush looks on my skin. This product is super similar to the super famous Benefit lip tint that everyone is raving about. I read through the reviews and tried dotting 3 drops on my lips and on my cheeks. The effect was really gentle and natural. This is perfect for days when I want to go without makeup and just want a natural glow on my face. I tried it yesterday and my blush stayed on for the whole day even after a day’s of work in the sun! That never happened when I was using blush powder.


The next product I used before applying the Bubbly lipstick was POPCORN lip scrub $20. Alicia the store manager told me that people just walked straight in the shop to purchase this and leave. This is their number 1 best seller in the shop. I can see why because you can eat the scrub and it taste seriously good. There are 3 flavours to choose from. The chocolate flavour (30% off now), Bubblegum (best seller but very sweet) and Popcorn which has a sweet and salty taste.

This is the perfect scrub for me as I hate scrubbing my whole body and my lips are often cracked and dry. Using this lip scrub takes less than a few minutes including eating them up as well. I can imagine myself waking up daily just to give my lips some scrub and starting each day with a touch of popcorn sounds really fun.


A few instagram friends have commented how they loved LUSH products but find them costly. I find this really shocking because I spent $100 on 6 items which equates to $16 for each which is considered really cheap in the cosmetic/beauty industry. The prices are almost similar or cheaper than Loreal or Maybelline sold in Watsons or Guardian. (Do not get me started on the beauty counters in departmental stores selling creams for less than 100ml for more than $500 a pot?) They have a 30-50% sale going on right now and I am so thrilled that I am supporting a company that believes in all things natural. Coming from a business point of view, it is so difficult to be special or different from the others as finding a supplier that fits the vision you believe in is already a huge challenge.

435 Orchard Road
#B1-13 Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

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