Magnificent Feathers- Tamara Staples Photography

tumblr_mn9mz9ZHCW1qg615co3_500 tumblr_mn9mz9ZHCW1qg615co4_500 tumblr_mn9mz9ZHCW1qg615co5_500 tumblr_mn9mz9ZHCW1qg615co1_500 tumblr_mn9mz9ZHCW1qg615co7_500

Tamara Staples is the photographer behind these peculiar portraits of spectacular chickens. How awesome and magnificent do they look here! She was so blown away by the thousands of difference species after attending a poultry show. She now has a book specially dedicated to these chickens and is called The Magnificent Chicken: Portraits of the Fairest Fowl. We are beyond blown away and my favourite is the fluffy white one while Hubby Ro’s favourite is the second last one as it reminds him of the big bird in Sesame Street.

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