Indian Fast Food- Komala’s Vegetarian Restaurant at ARC


For dinner yesterday we headed to Komala at ARC for a quick indian fast food meal. We have heard they are not as good as their original outlet in Little India and Komala Villas. We decided to try it since we were around the area and there were some hits and misses in the dishes we ordered.


I ordered a spicy kotha parotta meal $6.50 with a drink. The texture was just like prata but really thick and starchy ones piled up above one another in bite sized pieces. It was served lukewarm and super quickly after we ordered. I found it too starchy for my liking so I ended up eating the pappadum with the curry sauce which tasted awesome in my opinion.


Hubby Ro on the other hand ordered a North Indian set meal $8.50 with a drink and his portion was huge with 2 chappati and a big portion of briyani rice. He enjoyed the chickpea curry and the wonderful curry sauce I had but found the “egg” looking item really weird. It was a sweet jelly like dessert we have no clue what it was made of. Overall, the service and speed we got our food was really fast but the quality of food was not that satisfying. Komala is most possibly an unfriendly vegan establishment to visit as they serve everything with yogurt and ghee which they cannot remove as they are all pre-packaged or pre-cooked.

Outlet Name : Komala’s – ARC
Address: 60, Alexandra Road, #01-01
Alexandra Retail Centre
PSA Building

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