Raw Zucchini Lasagne with Homemade Marinara Sauce- The Living Cafe at Bukit Timah


I met up with Vadivu earlier this afternoon to check out Pasar Bella but we decided to grab lunch over at The Living Cafe. This was my third visit to this cafe and I am growing to like this cafe. I met up with Sheryl from Eat Raw Cake and also Peabrainer from instagram. They are both working there right now and I am huge fans of their yummy food posts! I ordered a wheatgrass shooter $5 to try and it came like a mini coffee shot with 2 small slices of lemon. I had no idea how to drink it but I squeezed the lemon into the shot and gulped everything down. It was seriously bitter and I was so glad the lemon juices I squeezed helped balanced it off. But this crazy drink is overly priced for such a small portion. I am now aiming to get my own juicer as I am intending to start a 7 days juice fast starting from next week.


For my main, I ordered a vegan raw zucchini lasagne and it was surprisingly delightful and really satisfying. The vegetables were really fresh and the sauces (tomato marinara and cashew nut mayo) went so well together. It was actually quite filling although my mind kept saying I am just eating a fancy salad. At $13, I found the price reasonable for a good quality dish which was as charming as how it looked.


Vadivu and I shared a raw German chocolate cake $8.50 and I was quite apprehensive about ordering chocolate cakes from them after my last experience. Sadly, it tasted more like a coconut cake and we could hardly taste the chocolate flavour. I will definitely stick to the fruity pies and cheesecake in the future.

Address: 779 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269758
Phone:+65 6762 8029
Opening Hours: 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Sunday

8 thoughts on “Raw Zucchini Lasagne with Homemade Marinara Sauce- The Living Cafe at Bukit Timah

  1. I think the lemon is meant to be sucked after you drink down the wheat grass, much like taking a tequila shot, that is what I would do if I had the lemon. $5 for that size of wheat grass shot seems very reasonable provided if they did not add any water. I once paid $4 for a tiny sample-size plastic cup(the size of a wine bottle cork) at Raffles City basement.

    You would need a manual hand crank juicer to squeeze wheat grass or a Hurom electric slow juicer that would cost a few hundred dollars. You can certainly use a normal blender but it would not be effective to get the juice out and would waste the wheat grass, and I heard it would also heat up the juice too much(but you can compensate by using cold water), and you would also have to drain it.

    I thought of relying on wheat grass to get my vegetables but I gave up after realizing the difficulties in extracting the juice. I have been relying on the cold boxed one mixed with other fruits and vegetables from the supermarket instead(Marigold or Peel Fresh), those tastes much better too. But I am thinking of juicing honeydew melon and other fruits as I move more into a fruit diet.

    • Hey Timothy,

      Yes I was feeling silly after dripping the lemon juice into the shot after realizing it was cut in bite size pieces for a reason! Have you tried wheatgrass powder, are the benefits the same or far from it? I am definitely thinking of investing in a reasonably priced juicer to start my juice diet on the go!

  2. I have heard of wheatgrass powder but I did not consider taking it because I think the powder would be quite oxidized more or less and the created juice would not be as fresh as those freshly squeezed. The raw taste should reflect the wheatgrass’ benefits and the powdered drink might not be able to provide that same level of raw disgusting taste 🙂 But such a rawness should be able to be covered up with apple juice. I have seen some shops such as those as Vivocity basement and Fortune centre selling wheatgrass juice mixed with apple juice for $6, but home-made ones should be cheaper especially if you make it for many people and drink it more often.

    I heard the nutrients from 100g of wheatgrass is equivalent to 1 kg of vegetables. But I don’t think anyone is compulsory to take wheatgrass, other fruits and vegetables can be taken instead but in larger quantities for the same benefits. The dried green sea kelp sold in Korean shops are also very nutritious eaten with Korean chili paste.

    Red beets are also a very good vegetable to be juiced, I have tried it before and the taste is very strong and concentrated. You can even use the red colouring to make pinkish foods. Celery is also a potent and cheap vegetable, but I heard it is heavily tainted with pesticides, so it is best to get organic ones to juice otherwise the skins of the fruits and vegetables have to be removed before juicing.

    • Wow Timothy! you are beyond resourceful. Thanks for all the heads up, I am definitely going to check them all out!

  3. I forgot to mention about coconut juice/water, it is anti-cancer and contains cytokinins that are anti-aging hormones. It is reported to have better hydration abilities than sports drinks. Similar to that, coconut milk has great immune-boosting abilities.

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