Western Vegetarian Wedding High Tea- Raffles Hotel Singapore


On 1st of June, we attended Julian and Narae’s wedding at Raffles Hotel. Overlooking a lovely water fountain and sunny courtyard, we were really excited to be there to witness their wedding. We were looking forward to try the vegan wedding high tea after Julian sent us the menu earlier on. We were psyched to learn that Raffles hotel offers vegan food and the dishes were gorgeously plated.


I made a mini art work for the couple and hoped they liked it. We loved the english tea garden setting and we walked away with a rose scented room perfume gift too.



There was a miscommunication in the kitchen and we were served a vegetarian menu instead. We had insalata caprese with wild green leaves with Kalamata olive and balsamic vinaigrette.


Next we had minted green pea soup.


Followed by Porcini mushroom cake, jumbo asparagus, tomato confit and arugula.


Lastly we had fresh berries in pineapple gazpacho


That’s Hubby Ro with Julian the groom and his best man Paul. We wish the good looking couple a beautiful journey ahead and Thank you for inviting us both to the stunning reception!

1 Beach Road, Singapore, 189673

Tel: +65 6337 1886 Fax: +65 6339 7650

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