5 Days Juice Fast Challenge


I was so inspired by Sheryl from Eat Green Cake after her 7 days juice fast challenge and after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I decided it was time to try out the challenge. I don’t own a juicer so I will stick to using the blender and a strainer to sieve the pulp away. I did some research and here are my findings on what a juice fast is all about.

What is a Juice Fast?

A juice fast is a type of detox diet that involves consuming only raw vegetable and fruit juice and water for a short period of time. It is considered one of the more rapid methods of detoxification due to the reduced food intake and absence of solid food.

A typical juice fast lasts one to five days. Consultation with a health care professional is often recommended for fasts longer than three to five days. I had a free consult with Hubby Ro and he said there are no scientific evidence if a juice fast was good or bad for the body and advised me to do a  maximum 7 days trial for my first attempt. I’ve never done a fast or a diet in my life before even though I used to be bigger in size (stress was my diet most of the time). I read a few people sharing some challenges they have along the way and I am excited and nervous about the effects and feelings I might go through. Hopefully I can pull through the week to share them.


I’ve been googling juice recipes online and Hubby Ro thinks I am crazy to do this fast diet. He doubts I can survive it through as I love food and its varieties so much. I cannot wait to start shopping for the week and I am trying my best to get everything organic as I am consuming them as they are in raw form. It will be a mental challenge for me to change my mindset that a juice is a main meal rather than a snack in between travels or as a dessert alternative.

Honestly I am just going to jump straight at this without any pre-fast exercises although I have been trying to add a vegetable juice into my diet once a day since last week but have been eating as usual. Other than that, I have a habit of drinking lots of water, lemon water and herbal teas too. So I guess I am set to go. Stay tuned for my 1st day report! Here are some tips before starting any detox plan:

In the week prior to fasting retreat: Prepare your body optimally by beginning to reduce intake of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, dairy products, sugar, grains/wheat, and any other dietary chemicals/additives over the week preceding the retreat. Do not go “cold-turkey” if you consume any of these items in large quantities, particularly caffeine. I highly recommend that you ease off of these substances slowly over the week so that you they are completely eliminated from diet at least 48 hrs. prior to beginning the fast.

Raw foods only 24-48 hours prior to fast: To ease the transition for your body, at least 24 hours before you begin the fast, beginning in the morning, you should eat raw fruits and vegetables only. If you must have a few cooked foods, make sure that it is fruits and vegetables only or broth. Avoid all preservatives, sugar, gluten or wheat products, grains, chemicals, food dyes/preservatives, caffeine, nicotine, animal products and dairy products. Water, lemon water, fresh juices, and herbal teas (nothing with caffeine) are also recommended.

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