Juice Fast Challenge- Day 3


Day 3 is the toughest so far because Hubby Ro is the worst person to be around when I am having a juice fast. He started scaring me early in the morning about my iron, protein and vitamin B12 situation and kept saying this is the worst time to go through a juice fast when I am having my period. Despite all the temptations from him, I managed to stick to my plan and created 3 juices of my own today.

Morning Sunshine Juice


1 mango

3 organic carrots

1 organic tomato

1 organic lemon

The taste was quite sour and was a good wake me up as I was craving something sweet this morning.


For Lunch I made a green power juice using the following:

1 bunch of organic romaine lettuce

1 organic cucumber

1 organic lemon

1 organic apple

3 tablespoon of nutritional yeast

This was one of the worst drink I made. Somehow it tasted too sour or bitter and I was struggling to finish this in the afternoon.


For dinner, I tried a Red Jewel Juice

1 Bunch of organic kale

1 organic apple

3 organic carrots

1 organic beetroot

Amazingly, this was one of the nicest drink I made. It had a sweet after taste and it was fun eating them with 1 tablespoon of soaked chia seeds!

I am seriously thinking of quitting! I miss the feeling of chewing or crunching something nutty or hard. Finally my bowels worked and I am feeling quite the same without much changes. My mind is fast forwarding to Friday when I will end my challenge on the 5th day as we have weekend plans with our friends! Oh my, I hope I can hang in there for the next two days with much grace.

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