DIY Fruits and Vegetables Wash


All my life, I have always soaked my vegetables and fruits for less than a couple of minutes or given them a quick rinse over flowing water. But in reality, the pesticides and germs found in vegetables and fruits are pretty high. There are reports that suggests it might cause young children at a risk of cancer and I found some interesting facts about the wax coating on vegetables and fruits too.

Here is a list of the best to the worst vegetables and fruits contaminated with pesticides.

1 (Best; lowest level of pesticides) – Onions
2 – Avocado
3 – Sweet Corn (Frozen)
4 – Pineapples
5 – Mango (Imported)
6 – Sweet Peas (Frozen)
7 – Asparagus
8 – Kiwi Fruit
9 – Cabbage
10 – Eggplant
11 – Cantaloupe (Domestic)
12 – Watermelon
13 – Grapefruit
14 – Sweet Potatoes
15 – Honeydew Melon
16 – Plums (Domestic)
17 – Cranberries
18 – Winter Squash
19 – Broccoli
20 – Bananas
21 – Tomatoes
22 – Cauliflower
23 – Cucumbers (Domestic)
24 – Cantaloupe (Imported)
25 – Grapes (Domestic)
26 – Oranges
27 – Red Raspberries
28 – Hot Peppers
29 – Green Beans (Imported)
30 – Cucumbers (Imported)
31 – Summer Squash
32 – Plums (Imported)
33 – Pears
34 – Green Beans (Domestic)
35 – Carrots
36 – Blueberries (Imported)
37 – Lettuce
38 – Grapes (Imported)
39 – Potatoes
40 – Cherries
41 – Kale / Collard Greens
42 – Spinach
43 – Sweet Bell Peppers
44 – Nectarines
45 – Blueberries (Domestic)
46 – Apples
47 – Strawberries
48 – Peaches
49 (Worst; highest level of pesticides) – Celery

Ever since I started on my juice diet, I became more concerned with my vegetables and fruits and try my best to get organic produce since I would not be cooking them at high temperature to kill of the bacteria. So I started soaking my vegetables for a longer time and used my hands to scrub them too. Recently, I found this super easy and quick way of washing vegetables which actually works with much less effort and precision.

Here is a report of a test done using different techniques of washing and the following recipe from Little Green Dot triumphs everything else.


With just 2 simple ingredients and 1 empty spray bottle (I bought mine from Daiso).


1 Cup of Vinegar

2 Cups of Water


Fill the spray bottle with one cup of vinegar and two parts of water.

For all produce, even when you don’t eat the skin, use this method:

Spray the produce with DIY veggie wash. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes, then scrub the skin and rinse with water.

For soft, delicate produce, use this method:

Fill a bowl with your produce and cover with DIY veggie wash. Let is soak for at least 10 minutes then rinse in a colander shaking and agitating it much as you can.

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