Juice Fast Challenge- Day 4


This quote sums up how I am feeling for Day 4. I am beyond hungry and I want to eat a mountain. But I have decided to give it my all and stick it through today. Last night, I stared so hard at the new beetroot chips I bought and was on the brink of tearing the chips packet open. Somehow the voice inside me screamed NO you can do it!

I started the day with another sunshine juice.


1 mango

1 cucumber

1 bunch of celery

1 apple

For lunch I headed over to Tracy’s Juice Culture at Vivocity as I was too lazy to whip up my own. I bought 2 drinks and had a super satisfying meal. The sunflower carrot juice was not vegan as honey was used in it and it came hot. It tasted just like any chinese sesame paste but in a slightly diluted drink form. I have also included the ingredients used in the drinks as the staff refused to let me take pictures of the box of ingredients she was going to  juiced up.


Apple Wheat Juice

Ingredients: Organic Wheat Grass, Green Lemon, Green Apple, Pineapple and Kumquat


  • Improves digestive system
  • Prevents diabetes and heart diseases
  • Promotes detoxification

Sunflower Carrot Juice (HOT)

Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, Lemon, Organic Honey, Carrots


  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • Enhances cognitive functions
  • Prevents cancer

For tea, I had coconut water and for dinner I made another power green juice using the following ingredients.


1 bunch of organic broccoli

1 bunch of organic spinach leaves

5 stalks of Kale branches

1 organic lemon

2 organic apples (One is sufficient, I added another and it became too acidic!)

The day whizzed by really quickly and I really wanted more juices but I am so lazy to make them myself. I even drank some of Hubby Ro’s dinner (He had tomato soup and yong tau foo). Having a juicer really helps as I am sick of sieving all the juices I have blended. I have also spent a lot of money on this juice diet buying all the organic produces. In total, I spent $102 which amounts to $8.50 for a drink out of the 4 days I have done the juice challenge. OMG! After I told Hubby Ro the cost he thinks I am even crazier and really silly. I definitely think there is a better and more cost-effective way to practice this diet.

Weight loss was not my priority so I did not weigh myself earlier on and Hubby Ro thought I looked, sounded and acted just like usual. Maybe he was just being bias? If I have to sum up the juice challenge, I only have cons to share. There were hardly any pros for me actually.

  • Costly
  • Time Consuming (Sieving the vegetables after blending and let’s not forget washing, cutting and washing up!)
  • Used up lots of vegetables (A portion I make can be eaten by 3 people if we did a simple stir fry)
  • Social Interaction (I was doing and eating my meals alone while my husband and mum in law indulged in their meals)

By 8pm after I finished drinking my juice, I got the best news I have been hoping for a long time. It will be a new chapter for me and I decided I will end this juice fast tonight. Will I do this challenge again? NO because I hardly felt any effects and it was expensive to upkeep. But I will definitely have juice as part of my diet on a daily basis, either to substitute a meal or simple have them after a meal. I am crossing my fingers that we will get a juicer soon so that I can do some real juicing as my hand muscles were pretty firmed up after squeezing and kneading the vegetables pulps for the past few days. I am so happy and relieved I am out of this diet I made homemade kale chips right after the news!:P

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