Avocado Protein Shake & Vegetable Juices- The Amino Bar at One North


After our yummy lunch at Hungrywich, we walked past The Amino Bar which was near the escalator towards the MRT station. I was curious if they were selling any vegetable juices while Hubby Ro was keen to check out their protein shakes. We looked through the menu and realized all the milk they used were soy milk so we decided to order 2 drinks from them.


Hubby Ro ordered a Bravocado $6.90 with vanilla protein, avocados, honey, soymilk. It contains 32g of protein, 32g of carbs, 17g of fat and 390 calories! I ordered a carrot and celery juice $3.20 and it tasted just like any vegetable juice. He told me his was really creamy and he was beyond stuffed after the drink.


I heard from the staff that the reason for using soy milk instead of cow’s milk is because of the higher protein found in soy. After we left, we realized all the whey proteins used in the shakes were made of a collection of globular proteins isolated from whey, a by-product of cheese manufactured from cow’s milk. AHHH!

Fusionopolis @ one-north
Connexis #B1-01
Singapore 138632 [View Map]
Tel: 6466 1176

Opening hours:
11.00am-9.00pm Mon-Fri
10.00am-7.00pm Sat
Closed Sun/PH

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