Vegan California & Pizza Sandwiches- Hungrywich at One North Connexis Tower


Thanks to Sara who dropped us a comment a few weeks back about the yummy vegan sandwiches at Hungrywich at One North, we decided to head there this afternoon to check them out! We arrived around 11am and was dismayed to find out that the teriyaki soy patty vegan sandwiches have sold out! Instead we ordered a California sandwich $6.10 and a pizza sandwich $7.20 (you can opt to add cheese or not).




The outlet is tucked in a little corner at the basement of the spaced age shopping mall. Thankfully we arrived before the office crowd and we were the only ones in the cafe. Our food came pretty quick and warm. The prices were decent for the portions and I wished the California sandwich came slightly bigger.


CALIFORNIA VEGANWICH ( V )                                            

Grilled seasoned eggplant, mushrooms, grilled onions, roasted  peppers, tomatoes, butterhead lettuce on light rye.

The bread was fluffy and well toasted. It was creamy in base and the grilled vegetables went really well with the bread. It also had a slightly spicy after taste too.


PIZZAWICH    vegan                                           

All the goodness of a pizza in a convenient package! Homemade pizza sauce, ham, grilled onions, roasted peppers, pineapples, mozerella cheese on ciabatta.

Without cheese, this sandwich was just like any other tomato toasted bread in a slightly bigger size compared to the light rye. The surprising element of the sandwich were the chunky pineapples and grilled juicy peppers which reminded us of Hawaiian pizza. Hubby Ro thought it was yummy and we finished eating in record breaking time!


They also serve soup of the day (Tomato minestrone soup) at $2.90 and when it came it was actually creamy and we believed they added some whipped cream in them for the texture.We cannot wait to return to try their teriyaki soy patty sandwich. It was really convenient to reach One North train station by crossing over the circle line from Buona Vista MRT station. For the price and food, we hope they continue to bring in more vegan sandwiches and soup options!


1 Fusionopolis Way

Connexis Tower #B1-03 Singapore 138682

Open Monday to Saturday 8am-8pm

Tel: 64679602


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