Raw Cakes Galore- The Living Cafe at Bukit Timah


After my juice fast, I was really keen on eating healthy raw food and decided to ask Hubby Ro and my mum in law to join me for lunch at The Living Cafe yesterday afternoon. Hubby Ro ordered the TLC sandwich $11  made of lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, onion, sprouts, beetroot, dehydrated caramelized onions and avocado, with homemade raw mayo. and I ordered a plate of raw zucchini pesto pasta $11. It was quite tasteless and pretty oily and wished I ordered the raw lasagna instead! It was just like eating cucumbers in curly strips but I found the tomatoes really juicy and sweet! I wished it came with more nuts toppings though. On the other hand, Hubby Ro found his sandwich really yummyand it was a decent portion for a guy. He mentioned the bread was toasty and had a mild nutty flavour.


The highlight of our lunch were definitely the raw cakes on display! It was the first time my mum in law tried raw cakes and she was impressed:) We had Strawberry Mocha Mousse Cake $8.50 and Blueberry Cheesecake $8.50 too. If you love chocolates just like we do, you have to try the strawberry mocha mousse cake. Out of all the chocolate cakes served at the cafe this was the most chocolatey cake unlike the rest which usually tasted like a coconut cake. The blueberry cheescake was quite similar to the raspberry cheesecake we had the other time and after a couple of minutes out in the open, it actually got really soft towards the end. If you prefer a hard mud pie fudge cake you have to choose strawberry mousse cheesecake.


We were hoping to try the key lime pie too but sadly it was still defrosting away. They were also selling a mini mint chocolate slice $3 which I am itching to try but was too stuffed for the day.  I am definitely going to try remaking the lasagna and maybe try making a raw zucchini phad thai pasta!

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