OscarCiutat_Caged_IMG_0392 OscarCiutat_Caged_IMG_1275 OscarCiutat_Caged_IMG_1531 OscarCiutat_Caged_IMG_7354 OscarCiutat_Caged_IMG_7633 OscarCiutat_Caged_IMG_9227

A heart breaking and gorgeous photography series by Oscar Ciutat, CAGED is a photographic project that portraits the eyes of captive animals.

“The project started by chance back in 2008. I was visiting the local zoo, which I hadn’t been to in ages, and started taking pictures of the captive animals, just like everyone else was doing. My attention kept being drawn to their eyes, which, to me, seemed very sad, and I ended focusing my camera on them. I was intrigued by whether my impressions would be apparent to other people in the images. I wondered if that popular old saying, referring to humans, that goes “the eyes are the windows to the soul” could hold true for animals as well.”

“I saw deep in the eyes of the animals the human soul look out upon me.”
-Henry David Thoreau

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