Tempeh Lor Mee- Su Shi Piao Xiang Vegetarian Food at Fortune Centre


Bugis is a place I frequent very often and I decided to make it a point to try all the vegetarian food places in Fortune Centre. Su Shi Piao Xiang is one shop I always walked past but never stepped in. Somehow, the busy crowd and the nearby road traffic was never a push factor for me to enter. Lunchtime is the worst time to visit this store as they are just along the road and the most convenient vegetarian store for people visiting the Indian or Chinese temple nearby.


For lunch, I ordered a bowl of Lor Mee $3.50 and when the auntie started scooping mock char siew in my bowl I literally let out a shriek. She was really kind to ask if I wanted something else instead and I pointed to the sambal tempeh with green beans on their counter. The noodles were really normal and this dish was a let down. The vinegar and starchy gravy was lacking and there were no ingredients in my bowl other than fried beancurd skin, beansprouts and the tempeh I requested. Sadly, the tempeh was not spicy and was quite tasteless.


I doubt I will visit this place again even though I should have ordered the black olive fried rice everyone else was eating.

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