Best Vegetarian Food in HongKong- Branto Pure Veg Indian Food TST Hong Kong


We got so tired of mock meats after a disappointing meal at Three Virtures Vegetarian Restaurant in JD Plaza and decided to head to Branto, an indian vegetarian cafe just a street away from our hostel for dinner. It was located on the first floor and was really easy to spot.

IMG_5098 IMG_5097 IMG_5095 IMG_5092

The menu was extensive and they also have a photo album of some of their popular dishes.

IMG_5090 IMG_5088

Like most places in Hong Kong, the restaurant was packed and we were glad that we got seats without reservations.

IMG_5100 IMG_5114

We started with pappadum (Hk$8 per piece, $1.30) and they are the weirdest pappadum we have ever tasted. It was not oily but really spicy (from the pepper and spices!) It was so dry we both had a slight sore throat after eating one piece.

IMG_5111 IMG_5109

We ordered vegetable curry$39 ($6.50) and dhal fry HK$28 ($4.60) which came swiftly. Both of them tasted SO GOOD! The flavours exploded in our mouths and we liked how the huge portions  and fillings in each of them.

IMG_5108 IMG_5106

We had steamed basmati rice Hk$26 ($4.30) with the curries and also a crispy paper masala dosai Hk$59 ($9.80) which was one of the best and most expensive we have eaten.


The highlight was the savory potatoes inside the masala, normally those we eat are pretty tasteless. The dinner blew our minds away and Branto had to be the best vegetarian spot we went to this trip. Although they were not cheap comparatively to Singapore but the quality and portions was superb. They will be the first stop we want to visit again when we visit again.

No. 9 Lock Road 1/F

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HONGKONG

Tel: 23668171

Open daily from 11am-3pm, 6pm-11pm


3 thoughts on “Best Vegetarian Food in HongKong- Branto Pure Veg Indian Food TST Hong Kong

  1. That is papad from both india and burnt over direct flame unlike papadum from south India with a different recipe and usually fried. There are actually many more varieties of such dry fry ems including papad from india

  2. I went to HK beginning of the year and was SUFFERING! Literally ate plain porridge and youtiao most days while my friends were induging in roast meat and dim sum lol…well at least the shopping made up for the lack lustre meals. Thanks for this post, next time I visit HK, I’ll definately by this place!

  3. I’ve been there a couple of times and enjoyed their thali (set meals). Their pav bhaji was yummy as well…cheers!

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