Rain Rain Go Away- Hong Kong 2013


The past few days in Hongkong, it rained cats and dogs and we got back to hear Singapore was hot and hazy! I guess we were lucky in a way as it was really cooling most of the time.

IMG_5357 IMG_5356IMG_5121

In every corner of a MTR exit, someone was selling umbrellas! We spotted umbrella vending machines in most MTR stations too.



Along our way, we spotted many colourful and fun graphics!


We stayed in a cozy quaint hostel called Hop Inn on Hankow Road and although the space was tiny, it was dolled up with warm hues with colourful birds and owls and mini astronauts all around our bed.




I also found some random plastic berries and made a happy hongkong cherry necklace for myself. (As seen here.)


Beside our hostel was Peace Cafe and we had some lovely apple citron rose tea Hk $36 ($6) overlooking the busy streets of Hong Kong.


We tried a couple of fun soya drinks with banana and black sesame but was really hoping to find hot soya bean curd. Sadly, most shops we went too sold pre-made ones which were cold:( Oh well, until the next time! We are counting down the hours for our Japan trip in less than one more day. Pardon us as we disappear for the next 2 weeks!

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