Sweet & Sour Lava Fish- Tung Fong Siu Kee Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant WanChai HongKong

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Tung Fong Siu Kee Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant was a recommendation from Luke from Hungry Ang mo. After a few depressing vegetarian meals we had, we came with low expectation for this place as well. It was about 10 minutes walk from Wan Chai MTR station and at the ground floor they were selling traditional dim sum and vegetarian pastries.

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Upstairs, the restaurant was quite small and we got our seats shortly as a girlfriend living in HK made a reservation for us.

IMG_5218 IMG_5219

We had Set B for 4 persons and added an extra black olive fried rice, a spring roll and also an extra plate of braised beancurd dish.


This dish was surprisingly everyone’s favourite. The contrast of the salted radish with preserved vegetables and tofu was such a delight. We finished this dish pretty quickly.


The soup was not too bad but was quite normal and there were strings of mushrooms and fungus in the pumpkin soup broth.

IMG_5226 IMG_5227

The worst dish was monkey head mushrooms and the spring rolls. The mushrooms tasted fishy unlike the firm tender ones we have back home. Whereas the spring roll was cold and felt like it was cooked many hours ago.

IMG_5228 IMG_5232

The fried rice had generous toppings of vegetarian ham and the truffle vegetables also tasted pretty good. Our friends who were not vegetarians were quite amazed at how real the mock ham tasted.

IMG_5233 IMG_5235

The final dish was sweet and sour lava fish which was the restaurant’s signature dish. It was really well presented and the fish slices had layers of soft tofu with mushrooms stuffed in them too. True to Luke’s review, this vegetarian place was not bad at all but we were quite sick of so much mock meat in our dishes we doubt we will dine in another chinese restaurant for a while. We paid HK$650 ($108) for 7 dishes in total with chinese tea.

Tung Fong Siu Kee Yuen Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: 241 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
Contact: (852) 2519-9148
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10.30pm

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