Dim Sum Disaster – Three Virtures Vegetarian Restaurant JD Plaza Jordan HongKong


Being in the land of Dim Sum, we thought Hong Kong will impress us with their culinary skills but sadly after this meal we will never eat vegetarian dim sum again in Hong Kong. Somehow, the standard was so bad we found the food we have back in Singapore way better. The most disappointing meal out of our trip was at Three Virtures Vegetarian Restaurant at JD Plaza in Jordan. Everyone on tripadvisor had good reviews and strangely ours was really bad. Maybe their dinner menu was better but when we arrived there were so many people queing to get seats and we got one beside the escalator.


Thankfully they have an english dim sum menu and we ordered the following dishes. The service was really slow and although we did not spend alot, it was really unsatisfying.

IMG_5024 IMG_5025

The first to arrive was corn congee, it tasted really bland and rough (Hubby Ro said it tasted like sick man’s food) and it was not as smooth as we expected from a Cantonese food place. The next dish was spicy shrimp pastry HK$14 ($2.30) which was so oily and starchy, we both did not continue after the first bite.

IMG_5026 IMG_5029

The next two dishes to arrive were pan fried radish pudding HK$16 ($2.60) and bean curd sheet roll stuffed with vegetarian crab meat in portuguese sauce HK$18 ($3). These were the best dishes of the day but were not as fresh as we hoped.


I found the vegetarian meat paste enkoi mushrooms rice rolls HK$18 ($3) really unique but the skin was too thick and the sauce was too salty for my liking.


We had dumplings stuffed with diced vegetarian abalone and asparagus HK$22 ($3.60) too and the skin was so thick, we ended up just eating the ingredients inside and it was filled up celery, mushrooms and mock meat. (We spotted no asparagus or the abalone though.)

IMG_5033 IMG_5036

The xiao long bao shanghai dumpling HK$18 ($3) was the biggest disappointment. The skin was so thick and there was no soup to drink from as well. Perhaps we went on a day when the chef was not in the mood. This place was definitely mock meat heaven which we both thought was an overkill.

G/F & 4/F, JD Mall, 233-239 Nathan Road, Jordan
佐敦彌敦道233-239號 JD Mall 地下及4樓

Tel: 3622 1888

Open: Mon.-Sun. 10:30-23:00

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