Vegan Fine Dining at Raffles Grill Raffles Hotel


Two nights ago, we had the privilege to be invited to a Vegan tasting menu by Mr Celian Skandrani Director of Food and Beverage from Raffle Grill at Raffles Hotel.


Service was excellent and really personalized.



The bread basket consisted of sundried tomatoes baguette to wholemeal buns and they were really yummy and came in a good size.


We ate the breads with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. We loved their gorgeous cutlery!


First to arrive were Zucchini Flower, Ratatouille. It tasted as good as it looked and we heard from the Chef zucchini plants have gender differences. The one we ate was a male version and the well marinated ratatouille melted in our mouth!


Minted Green Pea Soup was our favourite dish of the evening. Served on a lovely plate of styled peas, the hot soup was poured over the peas and voila this dish was not only rich but super flavourful. We cannot stop gushing over this dish.


Symphony of Tomatoes was as pretty as it sounds. Although it was our least favourite dish of the evening, it was quite an eye opener trying the different types of tomatoes around the region. We heard most produce used in the restaurant comes from Australia or France directly.


Pre Desserts: Mandarin, Apple and Peach Sorbet made both of us smiled:)


Fresh Berries in Strawberry Consome with Orchard Blackcurrent Sorbet came with golden edible foil and it was such a sexy sweet dish to end the evening. We will definitely be back to try a vegan fine dining experience at Raffles Grill in the near future. The place was beautifully decorated and most importantly the staff and service of Raffles Hotel was top notch.


Do call the hotel in advance if you are thinking of ordering a vegan or vegetarian dinner course.

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