Best Vegan Food we tasted in Japan- Cafe Alt in Osaka


Cafe Alt was our favourite vegan western/japanese fusion cafe for this trip. The ambience, the style of cooking and the taste was out of the world. The dishes were styled beautifully and tasted really awesome. Despite the good food we ate throughout our trip, this cafe left the deepest impression because of their creative cooking style. We loved this place so much we specially took a train to Osaka from Kyoto just to have one last meal there!:)



We did a takeaway of their home made wholewheat bagel with hummus and cinnamon and honey 500 yen each ($6.60) for our bus trip to Tokyo. The bun was light and the fillings were very generous.





We wished we had the chance to taste everything in the menu.


We highly recommend the marinated tofu dish with herbs 500 yen ($6.60). The tofu they used was firm with a silky smooth texture. It was marinated so well and it tasted like herb cheese. WOW! It was our favourite dish at the cafe.


The next item anyone who visit must try is their vegan chocolate tart with coconut cream 650 yen ($8.60). We do not even know how to describe this heavenly dish. The chocolate was so dark and creamy and the crust was crunchy and not dry at all. The cream on the other hand went perfectly with the drizzled hardened chocolate sauce. We want more! We want more!


We also tried their seasonal vegetable stew with brown rice 1000 yen ($13.30). There was an option to choose couscous as well. The ratatouille stew was not too salty and was packed with chickpeas and seasonal vegetables. But this main dish paled in comparison with the others we tried.


We also tried vegetable and cheese quiche 650 yen ($8.60) but it was not as yummy as the rest. The crust was surprisingly very crispy though.


The last item we tried was beans and vegetable pate 700 yen ($9.30) which was quite a treat. The chickpeas were packed tightly in this block of pate and the side pickles went so well with the drizzle of salt and pepper on the side. This dish was really unique and was quite filling. Should we return to Japan, this will be the first place we will visit!!!

Directions Tips: A cute cafe in the Shinsaibashi area on a side street right off of the main drag. Look out for Pablo cheesecake (on your right) on the main shopping belt and just walk down the side lane on your left and cafe alt is on your right on the second floor facing a huge pet shop with a gorilla signboard. Just get on the subway and take the train to Shinsaibashi station. Once you get off and out of the station(there are four exits that I noticed) you want to be on the arcade street which is a pedestrian street that is covered.

2-1-24 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, 2F (Europa-dori)

Osaka, Japan 542-0085


Open Wed-Mon 11:30am-12am. Closed Tues

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