Random Food Finds in Osaka


We arrived late in the evening and decided to source out food around our hotel. Most of them were either closing or were mainly meat based cafes or restaurants! We decided to try Nakau (they are actually a beef stall but they were selling plain cold and hot udon).  They are a 24 hours food chain restaurant which can be found anywhere in the city (we saw them in kyoto and tokyo too). We ordered from the complicated vending machine and finally got our order. The price on the menu indicated the different prices for 3 different sizes of bowl and we got the medium portion for 490 yen ($6.50). We had low expectations of the dish and was relieved to finally find something for dinner.


We were also served a complimentary free chilled green tea (free flow) and the udon noodles were AMAZING! They were super springy, fresh and the sesame (goma) sauce that went with it was awesome. We loved this dish so much we came back for it the next day for supper. We highly recommend this dish and we are thinking of replicating this dish at home as well.


After our yummy chilled udon dinner, we were still feeling hungry and decided to venture out to find more food. We bought some of the items above to share and was super bloated after having them all. The presentation of the food in Japan always came meticulously prepared or packaged. Everything looked so good, fun and usually came in small portions.

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