Yudofu Hot Pot- Ryoanji Yudofu in Ryoanji Temple Kyoto



We read about the famous yudofu (boiled tofu with vegetables and seven herbs) in Kyoto and decided to head to Ryoanij Temple to try them.


The restaurant was located inside the famous zen garden of Ryoanji Temple and this was the gorgeous view we had while eating our lunch.



We arrived around 2pm and was disappointed to learn their assorted side dishes with tofu pot have sold out.


We ordered 2 sets of yudofu pot at 1500 yen each ($20) and added 2 bowls of rice 200 yen each ($2.60).


We were expecting a really flavourful soup base but sadly it was so bland it tasted just like boiled water. The tofu was also not outstanding and tasted like any typical soft bean curd. The only highlight of the meal was the interesting sauce it came which most people were seen dipping their tofu with. The price was not cheap for something so bland and we were still hungry after the meal.



At the exit of the temple, we saw a cafe selling soft serve ice cream and we decided to try a sesame and chocolate/vanilla flavour at 300 yen each ($4). It was really creamy and rich and the biscuit that came with it tasted like ginger cookies.

Ryoanji Yudofu- Seigenin

13 Goryonoshita-machi, Ryoanji, Ukyo-ku (at /off Shimei Dori Rdi, near Gold Pavillion)

075-4624742, 075-4622216

Last order taken at 4:30pm. Named Ryoanji Yudofu (Ryoanji Seven Herb Tofu, in English), because its famous dish is yudofu (boiled tofu with vegetables and seven herbs). The restaurant is inside the Ryoanji Temple area, in the Seigenin building (a minor temple attached to the main temple and situated by the Kyoyoike pond- a 1000-year-old Koi pond). English menu available. Nice food and setting. Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市右京区龍安寺御陵ノ下町13. Open Mon-Sun 10am-5pm.

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