Japanese Vegan Cooking Class- Haru Cooking Class in Kyoto


We have always been a fan of Japanese food but after turning vegan, we found our options really limited back home. Thankfully we found Haru Cooking Class (They are voted no.1 in tripadvisor for their cooking classes).  Taro, together with his wife and his gorgeous daughter were our host of the evening at their beautiful kyoto home. It was quite near Cafe Proverbs hence we just spent the day chilling out at the river bank before heading to the meeting point to meet them in the evening.


We were served chilled Hojicha tea and a really crunchy vegan crackers (we heard they bought this at the 100 yen shop but we searched high and low and still could not find them!)


Their kitchen was tiny but super neat and with really professional cutleries and equipments.


We were briefed on the main ingredients we will be using for the evening.


We also got a chance to sample different types of miso and their uses.


The highlight of the class was making our own bean curd (Zarudofu)! WOW! We were so blown away by the silky texture of the home made tofu and wished we could find undiluted nigari and concentrated soy milk in Singapore to remake this stunning simple dish.


We took turns to cook the dishes and had lots of fun.


We made mochi wrapped vegetable soup (Osumashi) which was quite interesting but it was too sticky for our liking.


We learnt to cut burdock root and made kinpira (fried root vegetables). It was so easy and fun to create.


One of my favourite dish of the evening was Goma-ae (half cooked spinach salad with sesame dressing).


The last dish we made was Agedashi tofu using a special vegan dashi sauce we learnt in class as well.


We had such an enjoyable evening together with another couple from Australia and the presentation and the flavour of our meal was superb. We cannot wait to recreate these dishes and we highly recommend anyone to take up a class with Taro and his family. His instructions and sharing were really candid and personalized. Best part, he goes all out to demonstrate and explain the different types of options we could make the dishes when we get home. The coolest part of the course was a special gift he gave us at the end and we got a chance to meet the Empress of Japan as her car passed by his place too!  Email Taro saeki at genkiman2010@gmail.com and remember to book early!!!

6 thoughts on “Japanese Vegan Cooking Class- Haru Cooking Class in Kyoto

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    • Hi Katie! You will love the course:) The food we learnt and tasted was amazing!
      And we are so envious you are moving to Kyoto!!!
      Thanks for popping by our blog too.

      Roland & priscilla

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