Soy Milk Ramen- Cafe Proverbs in Kyoto


This cafe was the hardest find in our trip. Walking from Imperial Palace, we spent about 45 minutes walking down the streets to finally get there. Thankfully, at a road junction we asked some ladies and they excitedly pointed out cafe proverbs across the street on the highest floor!


We love this quote and were their first customers for lunch!


Their menu was super extensive and I did not managed to take all the pictures. Overall the food prices for lunch in Japan ranged from 800- 1200 yen for a main dish. Most side dishes cost less than 600 yen.



We were craving for gyoza 600 yen ($8) and decided to get it to start our meal.  Although it looked really good, we found the skin slightly thick and the fillings were nothing to shout about.


We ordered soy milk ramen 900 yen ($12) which tasted really awesome. The broth was creamy and tasted super japanese. The portions were huge and stuffed with mushrooms, artichokes and so many tofu. It was so good we had to order the tom yam ramen to try as well. We were getting quite sick of eating rice in most meals.


We also got a highly recommended teriyaki tempeh avocado sandwich 1250 yen ($16) to share. The first few bites tasted quite dry but after eating it for a while the bbq flavour of the sauce with the thick tempeh came through and it was not bad at all. We will definitely want to try making this at home!


The tom yam ramen 900 yen ($12) tasted just as good and we were so in love with the spicy broth we drank everything up.


We ended our sumptous lunch with a green tea and chocolate vegan sorbet with coconut cream 350 yen ($4.60). The meal was delightful and was totally worth the hunt. At the end of the road junction nearest to Demachiyanagi station, we had a breezy sunday afternoon at the river bank watching ducks and fishes swimming by.



Domus Hyakumanben 3F, 28-20 Tanak-monzenmae, Sakyo-ku (at Higashi-oji St/Imadegawa St, short walk from Demachiyanagi station)


Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市左京区田中門前町28-20. Open Tue-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 12pm-10pm, Wed 11am-6pm.

Good chocolate cake, soy ramen, satay, gyoza, curry ramen,

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