Soymilk Donuts & More Yummy Goodness- Nishiki Market in Kyoto


Nishiki Market is the most famous food market in Kyoto and we loved it so much we came back again a couple of days later just to eat the same stuff we found.


There were so many pickle stores and we were spoilt for choice sampling a tiny bit of them along the way.


The market had so many stalls selling bean curd and we tried almost everything! From the cold ones to the fried ones and seriously everything tasted so good. It was bean curd paradise.



They were selling all sorts of beans and peanuts coated with wasabi or miso.


Our favourite was the soymilk donuts which cost 250 yen ($3.30) for 10 mini pieces. If you add extra 50 yen, you can get a drink too which we did and the soya bean drink was out of the world.



We spotted edamame stalks!!! WOW…how cool is that compared to the frozen ones we have in Singapore. We spotted these at Meidiya at Liang court the other day and they cost $19.90 for a slightly smaller bunch. OUCH!!


There were 2 stalls along the market selling super adorable ceramic chopsticks holders.


Different grades of japanese rice were sold there too.



We bought a couple of pancake beans/nut crackers. Three packets cost 1000 yen ($12) and they were so yummy. The technique to make this reminds us of waffles/pancakes but in miniature form.



We spotted a guy making yuba sheets too.



Towards the end of the market (we came from the directions from Daimaru), this knife shop was highly recommended by our cooking teacher Taro from Haru Cooking Class. They provide free engravings of your name on any knife you get and they are made from the highest quality metal in Japan.



We also tried edamame croquette 280 yen ($3.70)! Each bite was packed with crunchy edamame goodness and the cafe had a lovely ambience with free flow of iced water too.


Another dish to try is grilled miso eggplant dengaku! The flavour was well marinated with the barbecue sauce and we wished we had bigger stomach to get another one.


We tried a cold goma drizzled tofu and it tasted like a pudding which was quite sweet.


The least favourite thing we ate was this five spices rice cracker which tasted weird and was not crunchy at all.


The ultimate snack was the sesame ice cream 350 yen ($4.60). It was the best peanut ice cream we have ever eaten and we came back for more!


Our love for goma continues as we tried a sesame crusted mochi which was light and super smooth.

IMG_7132 IMG_7133 IMG_7141

There were so many more food items we wished we could stomach but the ones we ate were so good we are already planning for our next trip back soon.

The Nishiki Market street runs parallel to Shijo Avenue, one block north of Shijo Avenue. It can be reached on foot in less than five minutes from Shijo Station on the Karasuma Subway Line (4 minutes, 200 yen from Kyoto Station) or Karasuma or Kawaramachi Stations on the Hankyu Line.

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