Yuba Mushroom Rice Bowl- Hale Organic and Vegan Restaurant in Kyoto


Located in one of the tiny alleyway along Nishiki market, we managed to find it after asking a fellow stall owner in the market as well. It was impossible to find or locate this stall as the entrance was so small and with the bustling and colourful stalls along the market we walked past it a few times. We suggest looking up for their signboard above eye level and you will be able to find your way after locating their tiny door.


The restaurant was quite strict with the no photography policy but I managed to steal a few quick shots of the meal we had. We got the lunch set 1200 yen ($16) and it came in a huge portion. All the side dishes were amazing but the main dish was too good to be true.


We think Japanese people are so lucky with their wide selection of bean curd options and this yuba and enoki mushroom combination was simply too soothing to be true. The spicy green chilli on the side added the extra kick and it was really spicy! It did not taste anything like any chinese or indian spices we have tasted though so it was our first time trying something so spicy from Japan. It did not taste anything like wasabi either.


We love the edamame chopsticks holder so much, we bought them at 300 yen each at a nearby chopsticks holder stall!! It was too cute to resist! If you are at Nishiki market like we did, you will most likely be as stuffed as us after trying all the little snacks around the area. We had to share this lunch set and had difficulties finishing this up despite it being really yummy.

Hale – fully organic and vegan restaurant

Nishiki-dori, 198-1 (at inside Nishiki Market) Lunch at 1000 yen

To find it walk along Nishiki Dori between the Fuyacho and Tominokoji streets and look out for that little alleyway on the north side of the market.

Opening hours: Open Tue-Wed 11:30am-3pm, Th-Su 11:30am-3pm and 6-10pm (9pm last order), closed Mon. and Thur.

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