Supermarket Food Buffet- Isetan Food Hall at Kyoto Station


After our trip to Nara, we stopped by Isetan food hall at Kyoto station and found some super cool snacks and gigantic vegetables along the way.

IMG_7090 IMG_7088

We found out that Japanese do not buy these crazy expensive fruits as well. That is why they often add sugar in their food!



We spotted more bean curd goodness!

IMG_7025 IMG_7026

They even have toasted bread with bean curd!


We saw a snaking long queue at this counter and decided to try this snack as well!


It turned out to be mashed sweet potato coated with sesame sauce. A pretty unique dish but definitely not worth the long queue.


We saw mozzarella looking ball tofu and tried them! It contained wasabi in them and had the texture of cheese with a spicy after taste. We also tried wasabi inari sushi.


They were also selling bean curd yuba sets and mushroom inari sushil. Both tasted really yummy and unique.

IMG_7084 IMG_7083 IMG_7076

The highlight was the smooth bean curd pudding we had which contained yuba sheets. It was the most unique bean curd pudding we have ever tasted. We got them around 7pm and most stalls at Isetan were clearing their items so we got them at half price and was fighting politely with others to get the best deals before heading back to our hotel to enjoy our food finds.


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