Vegan Yogurt Indian Curry Set- Ragamala Indian Restaurant at Nara, Kyoto


While we were in Kyoto, we took an hour train ride to Nara and spent a happy sunny day with the deers.


The scenery was breath-takingly beautiful.


We got chased by deer paparazzi as they were so hungry for deer cookies.



We got some fresh red bean mochi for breakfast too and it was really good. The texture was smooth and soft with a generous amount of red bean fillings.


We did our research the night before and managed to hunt down the only vegetarian food option in Nara and headed to Ragamala! It was so easy to find this place with the helpful directions we found online. Follow these instructions we found here!

“There is a great little Indian restaurant that serves all vegetarian food in the quaint backstreets of old Nara. Walk up the road from JR Nara station, along Sanjo-dori, towards the pond (saruwasa-ike) for 15 mins. Turn right when you get to the covered arcade next to the circle K. Walk down the arcade and turn left down a tiny side street after the sports shop. It’s called Ragamala and is well worth the trek. Word of warning, it’s usually closed on Tuesdays and Fridays.”



We were so hungry after half a day of deer feeding and trekking up the hills. We got a medium curry lunch set 900 yen ($12) and a large special lunch set 1300 yen ($17.30) . The curry was so good we ordered an extra ala carte garbanzo curry 700 yen ($9.30) to share too.


The ambience of the restaurant was super cozy and we felt like we were in India. The music they were playing was quite funky and we had a fun time grooving to the music.

IMG_7081 IMG_7080

Like most portions in Japan, all our sets were really huge. The picture on the left is the Large special set which came with a vegan yogurt. It went really well with the rice. But we were quite disappointed they were using japanese rice instead of basmati rice. The curries had the right amount of spiciness and the ingredients were fresh and tasted really authentic. It was quite a delightful change from all the japanese food we have been eating.


We highly recommend this place and we were the only customers as we arrived at 3pm, an hour before they close on a weekday.

A vegetarian Indian food restaurant. See website for English version info, hours, and directions.
Address in Japanese: 奈良県奈良市元林院町31-1. Price: Moderate

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