Vegan Shoyu Ramen- T’s Tan Tan Ramen Restaurant in Tokyo

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Our best vegan/vegetarian find in Tokyo was T’s Tan Tan Ramen Restaurant. We walked towards the directions of Keiyo train line and found the restaurant really quickly.

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It was a vegan ramen restaurant that served one of the best ramen we have ever tasted! We strongly recommend the shoyu ramen 700 yen ($9.30). To upsize just pay an extra 100 yen. We got the ramen set menu which came with a small bowl of fried soybean meat rice bowl with an extra 300 yen ($4). We were not expecting a rice bowl and wished we have ordered the fried soybean meat bowl instead.

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The first item to arrive was shoyu ramen and the broth tasted so good we finished every drop. It contained seasoned chinese bamboo shoot, soybean meat, green onion, bean sprouts and seaweed. The ingredients used were really fresh and the ramen noodles was really springy and so delicious. We loved it so much we came back the next day for more and upsized our portions.


Besides Shoyu ramen, we spotted many people eating T’s Tantan sesame, peanut, soybean meat, green pak choi ramen noodles 750 yen ($10). The broth was not as yummy as the shoyu version and was slightly oily. It was quite heavy after a few mouthfuls but the ramen noodles were the star of the meal.


The next day, we ordered the Sura Tanmen 850 yen ($11.30). It contained bean sprouts, onions, welsh onion, soybean meat, potherb mustard, thread red pepper, lemon and green onion. The soup base tasted like a sweet and sour broth and was quite delightful. But we felt the best was definitely the original shoyu ramen.


We also ordered fried soybean meat with sweet and sour sauce 300 yen ($4). It tasted just like the typical sweet and sour chinese pork we have at tze char restaurant without the porky after taste! It was yummy and we finished everything up pretty quickly.


We managed to get the soy milk pudding with mango sauce 380 yen ($5). They were only sold on weekdays from 2-5pm and we were so lucky to be able to try this. It was the perfect ending to the meal as the pudding had a custard like texture and was not too sweet. It was one of the best puddings we had in Japan and it will be a pity to miss this if you visit this restaurant!

T’s Tantan- Vegetarian Ramen at train station

T’s Tantan can be found inside the JR Tokyo Station, at the end of the Keiyo Street shopping parade on the way to the Keiyo Line platform. Look for Uniqlo once you’ve found Keiyo street.  If you face Uniqlo, you will see a New Days combini on the left, and beside that, an information booth on the corner.  Walk towards the information booth, and turn to the right.  Walk past an omiyage (souvenir) shop, and you will find T’s Tan Tan next door. Address Keiyo Street, Tokyo Station, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Transport Tokyo Station (Yamanote, Tokaido, Chuo, Keihin-Tohoku, Keiyo lines)

Telephone 03 3218 8040

Open 7am-11pm

3 thoughts on “Vegan Shoyu Ramen- T’s Tan Tan Ramen Restaurant in Tokyo

  1. T’s Tan Tan’s good but the best vegan ramen I had in Tokyo was at Loving Hut. Their version of spicy tan tan men was out of this world and a really huge serving when you request for extra noodles. Warm and friendly staff too.

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