Eco Garden Flea Market- Yoyogi Park at Harajuku, Tokyo

IMG_7369 IMG_7370 IMG_7372

After our 10 days silent retreat, we headed to Tokyo and was in time for the weekly sunday flea market happening at Yoyogi Park. It was Eco garden week and we met many hippie japanese and their super creative stalls. We also danced along to all the indie bands and witnessed two flash mops on our way there. It was the coolest and most random way to start our Sunday.

IMG_7378 IMG_7386 IMG_7388

Despite the crazy hot weather, everyone was out and dressed so well!

IMG_7402 IMG_7422 IMG_7424 IMG_7429 IMG_7444

There were so much to see and we ended up eating a tofu avocado burger 1000 yen ($13). It contained cheese, mayonnaise and mustard as we were having language problem explaining to them what we cannot take. But the grilled tofu patty with the fat avocado on the toasted buns was a fun snack despite the heat. We want to applaud the Japanese for their conscious effort to keep their country so clean. We spotted a guy smoking and placing his smoking ashes into his hands before finding a nearest bin to throw them away. We were also refunded money after we returned our plastic cups as well. There were stalls offering cleaning services to re-use and recycle the utensils used at the market! WOW, we were so impressed!


We still cannot get over how clean and environmental friendly Japan was and we hope this green culture can pick off in Singapore soon.

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