Rice Cake Mochi Udon- Shinjuku Tokyo

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We did not have much luck finding vegetarian food places in Tokyo despite our research as they were either closed for the day or have wound up their business. On our last evening in Tokyo, we chanced upon a udon shop near the train station as we got rejected by a few shops when we tried explaining that we were vegetarians. They either told us to leave or refused to answer back! Thankfully, a middle aged auntie from a quaint tiny udon shop was patient enough to hear about our dietary restraint and offered to cook some vegetarian dishes for us.


She made us a sticky mochi rice udon 600 yen ($8) with tempura batter bites. The soup base was definitely made with dashi but we were so hungry and relieved we could finally eat we finished the soft homemade udon so quickly. The grilled rice mochi cakes on the other hand tasted too starchy and reminded us of the one we made in Haru Cooking Class in Kyoto.

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We also ordered a large tempura vegetables set 1100 yen ($14) and a medium shiitake mushroom set 700 yen ($9.30) to share. They were fried so well and everything tasted really fresh and was not too oily. We could taste the juiciness of the mushrooms and the thin slices of potatoes and yam used. They did not have a name card or any address written in their shop but we are now learning Japanese so that we can visit them in the future to thank them for their hospitality and for being so patient with us.


On our way back to the hotel, we chanced upon a green tea shop and decided to get a matcha ice cream 250 yen ($3.30) to share. It had a really bitter and rich matcha after taste and was not milky at all. Why can’t Singapore sell good green tea ice cream and not sugar coated ones! All the teas we bought in stores or at roadside vending machines in Japan do not contain any sugar too. Hooray for sugarless goodness! We will never drink Polka green tea anymore!

2 thoughts on “Rice Cake Mochi Udon- Shinjuku Tokyo

    • Hi Ken,

      Thank you for visiting our blog!:)
      We are vegans but sometimes it’s slightly tricky when we are overseas or even in social settings to find 100% vegan food.
      We try and thank you for sharing about Loving hut! We have to try that soon!

      Roland & Priscilla

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