Freshly Baked Pizza & Curry Popcorn- Tokyo Disney Sea



On our last day in Japan, we decided to visit Tokyo Disneysea and we did our research and found out that there was only one restaurant in the entire park serving vegetarian food. Along the way, we got some fun snacks and had a vegetarian feast. Sadly the park was not vegan friendly.



The first place we visited for lunch was at Lost River Delta at a Mexican theme restaurant called :

Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina


We were quite amazed they were making fresh tortilla on the spot!


The fries 300 yen ($4) was really thick and crunchy but the salad 300 yen ($4)  and corn soup 300 yen ($4) tasted like frozen canned versions. The tortilla chips 420 yen ($5.60) with avocado dip and salsa on the other hand was really yummy. Although the portions were quite tiny for the price we paid, it was decent fast food standard.


The weather was insanely hot at 35 degrees so we bought a sugarless green tea 250 yen ($3.30) and frozen mango ice stick 300 yen ($4). What a genius idea isn’t it! Strangely they do not sell any bottled mineral water at all!


The best snack we had was curry pop corn at 300 yen ($4) per box. We also had the iced watermelon drink with cacao bites 300 yen ($4). The chocolate added an extra flavour to the super sweet syrup icy drink. It was quite unhealthy but who cares since we are in Disney land!


We also bought a stick of cinnamon churros 300 yen ($4) and it was not as good as I remembered many years back when I was there. We tasted more sugar than bread.


For dinner, we headed to the Mediterrean harbour to find

Ristorante di Canaletto


The ambience of the restaurant was lovely and we were lucky to get seats when we arrived around 530pm. When we left around 645pm, there was a snaking long queue of people wanting to get dinner.


We got a cesear salad  700 yen ($9.30) to share and the salad was tossed with a creamy sauce with some really crunchy bread bites.


We got vegetarian spaghettini with caponata sauce 1500 yen ($20) was quite a delight. The sauce had the right amount of tomatoes and the ingredients were so fresh. We loved every mouthful of this as we tasted eggplants, eringi, bell peppers, zucchini, black olives and capers.


The last two items we ordered was Margareita pizza with basil leaves 1800 yen ($24) and vegetables pizza with mozzarella cheese 1800 yen ($24) . BOTH WERE SUPERB! We are not sure if it was the lack of vegetarian food in the park that got us so desperate for something without beef, chicken or shrimp!! The flavours in the pizza came together beautifully together. The crust was fluffy, thin and literally melts in your mouth. The pizzas took a longer while to arrive but they are worth the wait. We highly recommend this restaurant for all meals if one should visit Tokyo Disney sea.

Here is how to get to Tokyo Disneyland/Sea and we highly recommend staying at the Hilton hotel which was just 3 mins train ride away from the theme park.

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