Indian Comfort Food- Kinara Restaurant in Jakarta


IMG_8167 IMG_8168

The next evening, we headed to Kinara Indian Restaurant and we did not even know they have an outlet in Singapore.  The Jakarta outlet was fancy and the ambience was fantastic. Although it was not a vegetarian restaurant, they have a wide selection of vegetarian dishes!

IMG_8169 IMG_8170

The food was excellent and we loved the slightly burnt naan 18000 Rupiahs each ($2.25) . We ordered Mater Mushroom Hara Piyaz mushrooms with green peas and green onions 71000 Rupiahs ($8.88),  Dal Tadka yellow lentils with garlic and cumin seeds, this was the spiciest dish 61000 Rupiahs ($7.65) and Aloo Gobhi Adraki florets of spiced cauliflower roasted in tandoor, cooked with chef’s secret spices on slow fire 58000 Rupiahs ($7.25). We highly recommend heading to Kinara if you are in Jakarta!

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