Roti Prata- Divine Vegetarian Family Restaurant Hougang Ave 7




I was around Serangoon a couple of days ago and decided to check out Divine Vegetarian Family Restaurant! The coffeehouse was easy to spot and was not too packed during lunch. I ordered the special of the day Dry Noodles $3.50 (Mee Pok Dry) and an extra plate of okra $1.50.  The noodles were not too bad but it was not fantastic and the okra tasted too bland and was not flavourful. The noodles had a springy texture and there was a generous amount of braised mushrooms and a good portion of lettuce and bean sprouts.




Still feeling slightly hungry, I saw the prata menu and wanted a crispy tissue prata to munch. Sadly, they only had two plain prata $1.60 left for the day. I got it and after one mouthful, I realized they were store bought ones and the dough did not taste doughy and chewy enough. It was quite cold and had lost it’s crunchy texture. The curry sauce was also quite bland. Overall, it was not the best lunch experience but I might return to order other dishes if I am around the area.  I will most likely head to Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant instead.

Divine Vegetarian Family Restaurant
Location: Block 356 Hougang Ave 7 #01-803
Contact: 64877895
Opening Hours: 7:00am to 10:00pm

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