Vegetarian Quiche & Peach Tart at Hot Cakes, Fortune Centre

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Hot Cakes is the latest vegetarian bakery/cafe in town!  The cafe creators are from Gokul and I had a chance to visit this cafe a few times in the past few weeks. The two chefs onboard were really friendly and it was such a joy watching them make the tarts and muffins from scratch on the spot.

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They are usually busy with custom made eggless cakes for birthday or any celebratory events. In the cafe, the best selling items were the tarts and I saw a few people getting the banana muffins as takeaways too. Most of the items are sold at $2 each. The portions are tiny but sufficient for a guilt free snack after any meal.


They recently launched a range of vegetarian bugers and pizzas. We tried the vegetarian sausage quiche $2 and the crust was really good.  The filling reminded us of pizza and the vegetarian sausage tasted pretty authentic. Sadly this cafe is not vegan friendly. Most items are made with milk, cheese and butter and the only thing they do not use are eggs, garlic and onions. I tried asking if the chefs could whip up any vegan dishes and they replied apologetically that it would be quite hard to create  one unless we did a special order.

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I tried the mock chicken burger $3 which came with a small portion of fries and I found the patty quite juicy. I gave some feedback to the chef to have the burger patties toasted and asked if they could add more vegetables in the burger in the future. The peach tart $2 reminded me of chinese new year, when we eat the crispy, crumbly biscuits and snacks in red containers. I bought some for another vegetarian friend of mine and he gobbled them up within a few minutes. Hopefully one day they can start selling vegan tarts and quiches too! They might be selling pastas in the near future too:)

190 Middle Road Fortune Centre #02-05, Singapore, Singapore 18879

Phone: +65 97826835 +65 90236341

One thought on “Vegetarian Quiche & Peach Tart at Hot Cakes, Fortune Centre

  1. Hi, we have shifted location. Just down to level one #01-33.
    Pls do come and visit us.
    We have a wide range of vegan items.
    Pastas, Pizzas even our cappuccino & latte are vegan friendly :))

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