Basil Bee Hoon & Pumpkin Dumplings at Nature’s Harvest Cafe, Fu Lu Shou Complex

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I chanced upon Nature’s harvest cafe while waiting for the green man opposite Fu Lu Shou Complex one fine morning. The next day, Hubby Ro and I decided to check out the place and was quite surprised to find a spacious, homely cafe. We were expecting it to be closed and was quite happy to see many reserved tables and a good flow of customers too!


There was also a shopping corner on the side where all the organic food products and household products are sold!

image_4 image_3

The food and drinks menu was quite simple and most dishes ranged from $6 for a plate of sushi to $8 for a bowl of noodles or rice.


Hubby Ro ordered mee hoon kway soup $7 and it tasted too healthy for him. It was quite bland and the organic mee hoon kway was quite different from the thick, fat ones he has eaten in hawker centers. He found the portion too small and was still hungry after finishing the bowl of noodles.


I ordered basil bee hoon $8 and the portion was quite huge. It did not taste anything like pesto basil pasta and had a strong minty taste. It was quite unique and it took me awhile to get used to the flavour. I might try the pumpkin bee hoon next to compare the taste!

image image_2

We also shared a plate of chinese steamed dumplings $7. There were 8 pieces and we were quite surprised with the yellow fillings. It tasted like pumpkin and we enjoyed this dish the most! The dumpling skin was not too thick and the ingredients tasted really fresh. We are definitely going to revisit this cafe again to try other dishes. We spotted many people ordering their rice set meal and their homemade chinese desserts.




Daily: 10.00am – 8.00pm

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