Vegan Dumplings Soup at Real Food Cafe, Central


Real food serves one of the best vegan dumplings in town! We have eaten a few dumplings in a few vegan/vegetarian haunts and no one can beat them for their awesome soup broth and the yummy ingredients. At $7, we get 6 middle size dumplings with a bunch of vegetables in them. This is the perfect soup for anyone who wants a lighter meal or prefers to have something soothing to their throat.


The other highly recommended dish is aglio olio with mushrooms $7.80. This is the most value for money pasta dish in Singapore! The pasta was cooked with perfection and the mushrooms were so tender and filled with taste. The only setback is the small portion and we wonder if they offer upsize options.


We also tried the fried udon $7.80 on another visit in the same week and it tasted just like any stir fried noodles. It was tasty and packed with vegetables!


We tried stuffed veggie on capsicum $12 and this dish was the least outstanding one as the fillings came apart from the capsicum easily and the taste did not go well together with the salad too.


We also ordered fried rice $8.80 and it was not as yummy as we remembered the first time round. It tasted too starchy but the sambal chilli that came with it had a really good kick!

IMG_9406 IMG_9418

We ended up with a coconut ice cream from popangada $5. It was really icy and we could hardly taste the coconut flavour.


The last item we got was raw spirulina cake $8.80. It tasted like medicine and had an acquired taste. But surprisingly, the texture was really creamy and good. The portion was really small for the price and I doubt we will be ordering it again.

Click here for all their outlet locations.


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