Vegetarian Feast- LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant Shaw Tower


Another vegetarian food haunt we visited quite a while back was Lingzhi Vegetarian restaurant at Shaw Tower. I have been there a few times when I was a child. This time round, I noticed the menu has changed and most dishes have western chinese fusion influences. The first dish we ate was satay skewers and the gravy tasted really good. The ingredients on the other hand did not gel too well with the sauce and it was not as good as it looked.


Next, we had their signature claypot dish with bean curd knots, mushrooms and green peas. It was not too bad but we found the sauce too salty.


We also got yam ring with cashew nuts and mixed vegetables. The crush of the yam ring was not as light and fluffy as I remembered and it tasted quite decent.


The vegetarian duck dish made of fried beancurd sheets was one of the biggest disappointment. We thought the ones sold at hawker stalls tasted way better than this. Somehow it did not taste as crispy or as fresh as compared to the common ones found in $2 vegetarian bee hoon.


The only dish that was great was braised eggplants. The order took so long to arrive as they forgot about it and when it came, the presentation was great. The flavour and eggplants literally melts in your mouth. Most of the dishes ranged from $10-$16 and the portions were of good sizes to share among five people. The other item we loved was the osmanthus tea! It smelt and tasted great:)





Daily: 11:30 – 15:00

Daily: 18:00 – 22:00

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