Vegetarian Popiah & Rojak- Fu Lu Shou Complex at Bugis

IMG_9832 IMG_9828 IMG_9823

Besides Fortune centre where all the vegetarian stalls gather, there is another hot spot for people to get cheap vegetarian food at the basement food court at Fu Lu Shou complex. Right at the end of the food court, there is a vegetarian popiah and rojak stall run by an elderly lady. I was pleasantly surprised she did not add eggs in her popiah fillings too.

IMG_9829 ,IMG_9831,

I got 2 popiah $1.50 each and 1 plate of rojak $3 for my lunch. I was stuffed after eating them up. Sadly, the popiah was quite soggy and the filling was quite dry. The popiah skin was too thick for my liking too. The rojak on the other hand was not too bad with a great variety of fillings but I found it too sweet. I might head back their if I crave for any of these dishes as she appears to be the only one selling them in town. She is open from monday to saturday 10am-6pm.

Fu Lu Shou Complex

149 Rochor Road 188425


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