North Indian Whole Wheat Wraps: ROTI- Alka’s Kitchen at West Coast Plaza

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We were thrilled to discover a newly opened North Indian vegetarian restaurant named Roti- Alka’s Kitchen over the weekends! They serve up some really interesting mix of dishes and we were given some samples of the items before our order came. This place is not 100% vegan friendly but we are so glad more vegetarian stores are popping up these days!

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We ordered the lunch specials,  $5 (no drinks included) which came with a few options such as grilled paneer with cauliflowers and mushrooms, indo-chinese manchurian, vegetarian kebabs, mock meat daily special and garden greens. Next, we were given a choice to have plain roti, plain pratha, praratha with herbs or spinach paratha. Finally, we were asked to pick one of their homemade sauces such as tangy tomato, hot chilli garlic, smoky roast and satay special for our wrap. We got the plain and herb paratha with indo-chinese manchurian and mock meat daily. The sauces were really good and smelt great. The only thing we felt could be better would be the portion size. After wrapping the wraps, it was grilled well but the portion was quite little. We ended up ordering another dish to share but still felt unsatisfied. Maybe they could provide a salad greens or some potato snacks with the lunch meal? The other thing to highlight for a vegan friendly meal is to inform the staff not to add cheese to your wrap as they tend to use that to seal up the wraps at the end.


The last item we ordered to share was Aaloo Paratha $3.50. It was a wholewheat paratha stuffed with potatoes in the middle. It was unique and Hubby Ro loved it. Do note that the prata was firm and the potatoes were thinly sandwiched. It had quite a pleasant texture and taste. It was not filling as it was so thin but we will definitely be back to try other items and head there for their extensive ala carte dinner menu soon.

West Coast Plaza

154 West Coast Road #B1-22/23 Singapore 127371

Open daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 67740422

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