Tempeh & Petai Cous Cous Salad- CERA at Upper Thomas Road CLOSED

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A brand new vegetarian cafe CERA is the cutest cafe we have been to in SIngapore. The black walls with chalky dinosaurs were really adorable! Over the weekends, we headed there for lunch and the cafe was spacious with a good selection of cakes and they carry Brownice vegan ice cream too.

IMG_0464 IMG_0468

We got the set lunch $10.90 and some ala carte dishes from their colourful menu. I found the colour printing of the menu to be quite blurred. It will be good if they used better resolution quality papers instead.

IMG_0466 IMG_0467

They serve complimentary alkaline water too and the service was prompt!

IMG_0484 IMG_0486 IMG_0496

For the set lunch, we had the soup of the day (curry carrot soup) which was quite lovely! It tasted like baby food but was really soothing. The most disappointing dish was the ratatouille with hash brown (it was similar to potato rosti). The vegetables were undercooked and was hard to swallow and the hash browns were too burnt. It had a weird sour lingering taste too. The dessert was mint chocolate cupcake which we chose out of 6 different flavours. It was decent but nothing to shout about. If you do not fancy creamy desserts, this will not be the best choice to have. We hope that they could offer coffee or tea as an option instead of just offering the cupcake option for the set lunch.

IMG_0483 IMG_0485

The next dish we ordered was Tempeh & Petai Cous Cous Salad $6.50! It was the yummiest dish of the day:) The tempeh and petai was cooked to perfection and had a really good flavour all round. It was the most comforting salad and for the price it was quite a decent portion! Out of curiosity, we ordered the bone barrow dish $8 made of potatoes, mushrooms and brown rice in bah kut teh soup broth. Sadly, this dish looked good but lacked in flavours. The potatoes were too hard and the brown rice was undercooked. The soup broth was too weak in flavour and we both thought this was better off as a soup dish rather than a  main course.


We got ourselves cajun fries $6 and it was pretty normal.

IMG_0493 IMG_0492

The last item we got was spicy otah crostini $6 which was really good! It was so addictive and you just want to keep popping them in your mouth. The only downside is it contains cheese so this was the only non-vegan item we ordered.

IMG_0497 IMG_0498

They have a little corner selling snacks and chocolates and I got myself a Loving earth dark chocolate coconut bar $4.50 and a mint dark chocolate bar. The mint was the best while the coconut flavour tasted strange. Would we return to this cafe soon? Most likely not, as the location was quite far from our place and was nearer to Mandai instead of the upper thomson area where Brownice is located. But we will definitely be back to support them again to try other dishes! We suspect we might not have ordered the best dishes they were offering.

906M Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 787110

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm-11pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm-2am

Sunday: 12pm-11pm

Monday: Closed

Tel: +65 6554 2372

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